SG #10 – How To Give It Away And Keep It

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SG #10 – How To Give It Away And Keep It

If you want any hope at attracting major gifts, you must be able to show the donor how to “give it away and still keep it”, that is, without disinheriting their children.

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2 Responses to “SG #10 – How To Give It Away And Keep It”

  1. Terry Says:

    I got your site from a link on Dave’s site. He teaches the web video uses. I want to ask you what type of video camera you shot this video with. I work with a lot of churches in North Georgia and I will pass this along to them also.

    Right now, people are really having a cash flow problem. It has been slow getting to this area, however, now it is here.
    Thanks for your help
    Terry Turner

  2. admin Says:


    The camera is a Canon ZR930.

    My podcast site and my blog,, are extensions of the course I teach that helps people increase their income and reduce their taxes while helping their church. For a church, the goal is to provide education to their membership about these techniques so that, when implemented, the church will become endowed over time. Details are at

    Actually, there are a number of techniques that have better results in a down economy. I have several lessons that show how a person who has an asset that is under-performing due to low interest rates can apply the technique and convert it into more income. So the facts that the economy is bad and folks are having cash flow problems are the very reasons they would do well by learning what I teach.

    Any church that would eventually like to fund its ministries from interest on their endowment fund rather than the hand-to-mouth dependence on pledges should make their parishioners aware of my course as people cannot apply what they do not know.

    Bob Cavanaugh

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