How To Make Tax Free Transfers From Your IRA

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truck150x131Want to potentially lower your taxes and help your church financially? Then acquaint yourself with the IRA Charitable Rollover. Currently, this piece of legislation has a time limit and is due to expire at the end of 2009.

The IRA Charitable Rollover was originally a part of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. It expired 12/31/2007. It was “extended” effective October 3, 2008 and expires again 12/31/09.

It allows persons 70 1/2 and older who have an IRA to transfer up to $100,000 tax-free to the qualified charities of their choice. The operative words are “tax free.”

Transferring an amount equal to or greater than the Required Minimum Distribution from an IRA can lower taxes as an IRA Charitable Rollover satisfies the RMD requirement but is not taxed.

RMDs have been suspended for 2009, but there is a push on to make the IRA Charitable Rollover permanent.

In addition, planned giving professionals and legislators are seeking to extend the tax-free transfers to charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, pooled income funds and charitable gift annuities.

If you don’t itemize, the IRA Charitable Rollover can enable a gift without any tax consequences. For non-itemizers, charitable gifts are otherwise non-deductible.

Using the IRA Charitable Rollover can possibly lower or eliminate the tax on Social Security retirement benefits.

If you are a generous donor, it can allow you to exceed the 50% of adjusted gross income limitation for cash contributions.

Bottom line: If you do not familiarize yourself with the IRA Charitable Rollover, you may be leaving money on the table.

If you represent a church and do not fully communicate the benefits of the IRA Charitable Rollover to your congregation, you are passing up an opportunity to put a six-figure number in your bank account or endowment fund.

For more information, see the video entitled, “How To Make A Tax-Free Transfer From Your IRA” at

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