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An IRA is one of the worst assets to leave to your heirs. Here’s an alternative that can save tax on your IRA and benefit your church.

Meet Bill and Ann. Bill is retired and has an IRA worth $1,000,000–not unusual in today’s mega-IRA world. They both have other assets: Ann’s 401(k) from her career, their home, other investments and the proceeds from the sale of Bill’s business.

Bill has named Ann the beneficiary of his IRA. When he dies, Ann will re-name the IRA in her name, continue to draw income for the balance of her life and then leave it to their three children.

A “typical” plan. Exactly what most people do.

But it’s a tax disaster.

Take a look at the “before and after” results (just with respect to Bill’s $1,000,000 IRA) in the chart below. Plan A is Bill and Ann’s current plan. Plan B shows the results of a technique I teach in The Smart Giver.


Which looks like a better plan to you?

Most people are what I call “flying blind.” They don’t even know there is a Plan B.

Your church probably has a number of “Bill and Anns.” Knowing about Plan B can endow your church in just a couple of transactions.

The Treasury Department estimates there are currently 3 trillion dollars in IRAs. Right behind this are 60+ million Baby Boomers (the oldest turning 63 this year) who hold 12 trillion dollars in qualified plans such as 401(k) plans.

Will your church get its fair share? Could you help people within your congregation divert money that otherwise would go to the government to their heirs and your church?

For more information about this plan, see the video entitled, “How To Leave 100% Of Your Estate To Your Children Tax Free” on my video podcast site.

This concept is also the subject of one of the 16 lessons in The Smart Giver, an educational series designed to help people increase their income, reduce taxes and help their church all at the same time.

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