Gift Annuity Advertising: Cautions & Recommendations

The summer of 2009 brought gift annuities into the limelight, but not under the best... 

How to Build a Church Fund by Solving a Donor’s Problem

If your church’s church fund needs a boost (or is non-existent), here’s an... 

IRAs: Overlooked Major Gifts

Major Gifts and IRAs Naming a church as the beneficiary of one of your IRAs is a... 

How To Attract Major Gifts

An IRA is one of the worst assets to leave to your heirs. Here’s an alternative... 

Charitable Gifts of Life Insurance – What’s Deductible?

Gifts of life insurance to charity are popular. However, the transaction is a bit... 

A Church Building Fund’s Friend: The Lead Trust

The current poor economy provides a climate for some planned giving techniques to... 

7 Little-Known Gift Annuity Applications

Gift annuities are popular planned giving tools. They have been around for over... 

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Dimdim: A Recommended Church Communication Tool

Assume you are the pastor of a church and you need to meet with your vestry, the... 

Autoresponders: Church Communication and Fundraising Applications

A number of technology tools can help a church in their fundraising and communication.... 

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Need More Retirement Income? Sell Your Life Insurance Policy!

Did you know that there is now an “after market” for life insurance policies? If you are over age 65, there are companies that will buy your life insurance policy for more than the cash value. They will even buy term insurance, which has no cash value. Who buys policies and why would they want them? Institutional investments and pension... [Read more of this review]

Three Steps Toward Building an Endowment Fund for Your Church

For all the good churches do, most of the funding for their ministries come from pledges. What if every church was endowed? Here are some suggestions you can employ in your church to build a bigger endowment fund. All 88 keys of the Phoenix Symphony’s Steinway piano are endowed. They went for $5,000 a key. Penn State has every position on its... [Read more of this review]

Christian Money Management: The Silver Lining In The Current Bad Economy

Every cloud has a silver lining. There are two sides to every coin. The knife cuts both ways. The dire state of the economy has given rise to some of the best opportunities to make a gift to your church seen in decades. Many gifts in the planned giving arena use the IRS’s current “Section 7520” rate, commonly referred to as the AFR,... [Read more of this review]

How To Make Tax Free Transfers From Your IRA

Want to potentially lower your taxes and help your church financially? Then acquaint yourself with the IRA Charitable Rollover. Currently, this piece of legislation has a time limit and is due to expire at the end of 2009. The IRA Charitable Rollover was originally a part of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. It expired 12/31/2007. It was “extended”... [Read more of this review]

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